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Month: July 2018

Woodstock CT Historic Homes: Roseland Cottage

Beautifully situated across from the Woodstock town green is Roseland Cottage built in 1846 by Henry Bowen with its colorful array of flower gardens. A classic example of the Gothic Revival architecture that was just becoming popular in the mid 19th century characterized by a steep roof line crowned with ornamental chimney pots, intricately detailed gables overhanging diamond leded window. The siding has always been painted in a vibrant coral pink that has given the cottage its popular name as the "Pink House." Henry Bowen grew up in Woodstock and built a successful dry goods business in New York City specializing in silks. He and his wife Lucy enjoyed summers away from the city and Roseland Cottage was their country house where they entertained friends and powerful political connections including four United States Presidents. Henry and Lucy Bowen had ten children and Woodstock with its rural atmosphere and Henry's long family history rooted in the area was the perfect retreat from the summer heat and congestion of the city. Joseph C. Wells was the architect commissioned by Bowen in 1845 to design the 6,000 square Foot Gothic Revival Cottage for his growing family. The layout and design were deeply influenced by the principles of Andrew Jackson Downing who was a leading 19th Century landscape architect. The grounds include a garden house, carriage barn, an icehouse and aviary, but most...

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Anthem Arizona, A Terrific Place To Call Home

Many times over the years, a new subdivision is created with little or no real thought about the infrastructure required to support the newly-created community. Well, this is categorically not the case with Anthem. Everything you need is there, or on its way, and then some. Created by Dell-Webb, this Arizona town on the outskirts of Phoenix offers homes to suit all budgets; from the mid to low $200K all the way up to “oh my goodness gracious.” There is something for everyone. From a young family just starting out to a retired couple looking for space to entertain the grand-kids, from time to time, Anthem has you covered. All of this, plus an easy commute via I-17 to Phoenix if that is where work takes you. Also, for the family, there is the lure of brand new schools, with excellent sport facilities, libraries and, in some cases, theatre complexes to help keep your children motivated and actively involved. Plus, the recreation facilities are world class. The park-like, open space communal area with duck-ponds and waterfalls are an absolute joy to behold. Early one evening, recently, I saw a father with his young son and daughter doing a little fishing. What better way to unwind after a long day of work, than to kick back with your children and exchange stories of your day, whilst teaching a worm to...

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How To Find A Custom Home Builder Without Losing Your Mind

Building a custom home is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, and choosing the best custom home builder is essential to the project’s success. The role of a custom home builder is as much to advocate for the homeowner as it is to collaborate with the design team. Since homebuilding is a process that takes several months, it’s important that you the buyer feel there is trust and clear communication on the part of the builder. If you have a location and have set your budget for the project, you are ready to shop builders; read the following tips on how to find a custom home builder without losing your mind. Consider your resources If you have already hired a designer, they are the best asset at your disposal for beginning your search. Your design professional likely has first hand experience working with builders and will know their construction qualities, communication styles, and business reputations. You could also check with your lender or realtor, if they are familiar with the custom home market in your locale. You can contact the National Association of Home Builders for a list of qualified local builders. Internet searches can identify builders in your area, and some sites may be equipped with ratings & feedback from prior customers. And, certainly, you could ask friends and acquaintances who have completed custom...

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Bed and Breakfast – Options for You

The bed and breakfast scene has evolved over the years. They have expanded their line of services to include venues for special occasions. About a couple of decades ago they serve only what they moniker advertise. In the past, they are well-known in providing spacious, quiet, countryside experience for a short stay. Most of these establishments have maintained over the years the allure of their location and the personalized friendly services that has always been expected of them. However, in keeping with the changing times, and the competition in the market, many have expanded their services. The bed and breakfast inns have steadily becoming worthy of weddings for weddings, birthdays and family reunions. More and more people are discovering the ambient atmosphere of the location of these lodgings were actually ideal for special occasion. The slow but steady expansion of services was brought about mainly by the clamor of the guests. Consistent requests and inquiries to make the place a venue for larger events than what was usually provided prompted most owners of the establishment to adapt. Normally house owners with more than five spare rooms convert their place to accommodate guests for commercial purposes. Usually the owners themselves prepare the meals and clean the room etc. Nowadays many have hired additional staff to meet the demands of the market. Despite the commercialization of the business, the bed and...

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