Want to get your garage door in great shape? Start with the basics and finish off with a great looking home that has added curb appeal. Here are 5 things to do.

  1. Maintenance and Repair. Before you spend any money sprucing up your door, start out right. Call for a maintenance check to make sure all the important parts – the springs, the auto-reverse and the track – are in good working order. If someone gave the door a little “tap”, have that dented panel replaced.
  2. Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood. Look at other doors. You want your garage door to reflect your personality, but it is also important that it fits into the general ambiance and character of the neighborhood. Make note of the looks you love – and the ones you hate. This should give you some good ideas and a great starting point. It’s time to pick out the paint.
  3. Get Ready Before You can Paint your Garage, you need a clean surface. Give your garage door a good washing and while it’s drying, you might want to do a little organizing so the inside looks good, too.
  4. What to Match When You Get Ready to Paint. In most cases, you want to match the shade of your home. When you match your garage door to your home, it draws focus away from the door and creates an illusion that your home is bigger than it actually is. However, if you like the look, you can match the door to your front door and trim like shutters. However, this tends to draw attention to your door so keep that in mind. Going too wild with a strong, bright color may be a mistake unless you live in a neighborhood that has brightly colored homes and home accents. You don’t want your door to be a bright red, sore thumb.
  5. Put Some Personality in the Door. You really do want it to reflect who you are. If your personality is a little larger than life and it works with your home, go ahead and go bright. Consider the hardware, we often ignore it but it can give your door some style. Some potted, flowering plants on either side of the door – or a couple of cactus – can create interest and drama. Give a little bit of your look to your garage!

Your garage is one of the most prominent features of your home. Keep it looking good and your house looks better, too. The most important thing about your garage door is making sure it can do its job safely. You want it to open and close smoothly and be sure that all the parts are operating safely. Before you start working on the appearance of your garage, get that garage door maintenance from a registered, bonded and insured garage company.

Source by Chad Mathew Taylor