House plants when properly developed not only provide a pleasant look but also purify the indoor air. But in-house plants need extra care and here are some tips to guide you through proper in-house planting and care.

To bring the highest development of leafy plants cultivated in the room, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is the leaf which prepares food for the whole plant. But leaves only function in the presence of sunlight and in a room, there is a lot less sunlight than outdoors. A plant one meter away from the window only receives about one-fifth of the light received outdoors. So the closer we place the plant in the window, the lighter it gets and the better it develops. Also keeping the plants near the window ensures a lot of fresh air supply to plants.

The main mass of fresh plant is water. Plants cannot be live without water. The large leaf surface evaporates from water, more so in a dry air. Room air is dry, especially in winter in a heated room. The evaporation of water plays a significant role in plant growth, so the water loss from evaporation must be replaced efficiently. The evaporation is limited by low temperature and humid air. In addition to that, covering plants with a wet piece of canvas spread during the night also reduces evaporation. Adequate water must be provided to plants all the time, but make sure never to pour water, which is cooler than room temperature because the cooler the soil is, lesser the root absorbs.

The soil in the pot should always contain a certain amount of air; wet soil with no air space in it is not suitable for plant growth. Therefore, one must ensure that the hole in the bottom of pot should never be blocked. On the other hand, the soil must be not too dry; otherwise, the plant cannot find enough water. To achieve a uniform, not too strong and not too low soil moisture in the pot, it is necessary to pour water only when plants need it, that is, when the leaves begin to go limp, but then pour water freely until it flows down the drain hole.

All plants need to flourish at their particular temperature. Depending on the type of home of the plant concerned, the temperature may be colder or warmer. Plants of tropics are kept in a heated living room, while the plants of subtropics are best kept in unheated rooms.

Source by Achal Malhotra