An American Bungalow Style home is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. These homes have a characteristic main porch and are usually single floor constructions that have a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The American Bungalow Style is one of the popular options of architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills. This style of home has its origins and influences in several different styles from over the world as well as many variations. The word Bungalow itself is derived from the state of Bengal in India, where the word bangla was used to describe a low roofed dwelling with a central room having many adjoining rooms leading off it – a place of rest for travelers.

When you view some architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills you will realize that although a few of them are described under the head of a bungalow style home, some have the craftsmen influence, others have traces of the colonial Spanish haciendas, and some other have the look of a Japanese tea house or a Swiss chalet. However, even though there are many variations within this style of American homes, there are certain distinct characteristics that set it apart from other styles.

Of the architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills that are of the Bungalow style, a common feature is always a covered porch or verandah, that links the outdoors to the indoors. This is an informal area where the family sits together to spend time talking about the day's events or just watching life go on around the neighborhood. The house would typically be spread out over a single floor or one and a half floors in certain cases. Low slung roofs and stone fireplaces, give a cozy atmosphere to the home.

The American style Bungalow home as it is known today, although having its share of influences, commonly refers to architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills that were built in the early 1900s during the California boom. Later, due to the influence on this style from the Arts & Crafts movement that moved the trend from a formal Victorian style home to a more relaxed style, the Bungalow style home came to be known as the Craftsman Bungalow.

Among the architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills , this style of housing is now considered a classic and has remained popular over the years due to the blend of practicality, and looks. Since they are single floor constructions, they are suitable for older people or disabled persons as they facilitate easy movement with no stairs to be negotiated. The warm and cozy atmosphere that these homes portray makes them a great choice for families as well.

Source by Luis Pezzini