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Investor Or Landlord – Which One Am I?

Most investors think of properties in terms of gaining a profit rather quickly. But what happens to the investor who cannot sell a property due to the market conditions. Plan B would be to use the property as an income producer and lease it to a tenant. When becoming a landlord, your first responsibility is to understand and abide by the state landlord tenant laws. These laws dictate the rights that the landlord and tenant have as well as some very specific rules regarding deposits, repairs, and requests. These laws actually dictate portions of the written lease. Always give the tenant a copy of the state laws. Meticulously screen your applicants. Along with verification of employment, running a comprehensive criminal background check is highly recommended. Previous rental history is also helpful along with a credit history. The same system should be used for each applicant to avoid mistakes and possibly the accusation of discrimination. If you are not using a property management company, you will need to use a residential lease. Make sure the lease you are using is specific to the state where the property is located. A lease for a home in New York will do no good if the home is located in California. State laws widely vary. Keep detailed records of everything. Keep all original records. Make copies of checks received and always have the...

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How Can You Benefit From the Roller Coaster Real Estate Market That Arizona Has Had?

The Arizona real estate market in 2007 and 2008 has been unique to say the least. As a lender for the past 22 years in Arizona I can safely say I have never seen anything like it. We have gone from a period of time in lending when just about anyone with a pulse could obtain a home mortgage to a time when lenders cut back programs almost on a daily basis. Home prices have declined dramatically over the past 24 months but looking back over a 60 month period of time values ​​are actually up significantly in many parts of the Phoenix metropolitan area. What does all of this mean to someone looking to buy home in this market? This may depend heavily on the specific area of ​​town in which you are looking to purchase. In many of the outlying areas of the valley the lender owned properties are getting more than one offer on their homes. These are areas where the prices have declined dramatically and housing has become affordable to the average family once again. This is great news for you as a buyer, however, it also means that you must know what type of mortgage you can qualify for and how much of a loan you can get. Although there are still a couple of limited options for -0-down financing the majority of consumers...

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Florida Travel Guide

Florida holidays are particularly popular with families who have children of all ages. From family-friendly inns and hotels to luxury penthouses, Florida has top-class accommodation to suit everyone. When it comes to dining out visitors will be spoilt for choice with restaurants to suit all budgets and palettes, from seafood diners to romantic al fresco dining and much more. Shoppers will not be disappointed as Florida is a shopper's haven with amazing shopping malls, designer boutiques and quaint little local stores. For culture vultures there is an array of attractions including state-of-the-art museums, art galleries, world-class ballet and opera. Entertainment ranges from stylish nightclubs to live music. Sports fans are also looked after, with golf and fishing especially well catered for. With over a thousand golf courses, golf enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice. The warm climate here is ideal for all year round golfing although the peak golfing season runs from January to April. Keen fishermen can choose from the fresh-water inland lakes, line fishing from the shore or sport fishing where they may be lucky enough to catch barracuda, marlin, tuna, tarpon and grouper. Florida's sunny climate and warm waters are perfect for water sports which include scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, parasailing, kayaking and more. Orlando offers an unforgettable fantasy world with the Disney and Universal theme parks, however many people forget that there...

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Arizona Golf Course Properties: A Home for All Golfers

One of the well-known sports all over the world is golf. Playing this kind of sport needs a lot of practices and hard trainings before you call yourself as a professional golfer. There are several golf courses that are available for everybody. Whether you are in the United States or in any part of the world, you can probably find a golf course that can offer you a great place to play. One of the best golf courses that you can find is in Arizona. It has golf-rich cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale. These cities are considered as one of the premier destinations of golfers globally. The Arizona golf homes are as impressive and diverse as its scenery. There are over 300 courses in this state, from the conventional links-style layouts to target courses. In addition, Arizona has an outrageous number of courses to test your skills when it comes to playing this sport and give you with some unstoppable leisure time while playing. The Arizona Golf Properties can offer you a friendly atmosphere while playing in their golf courses that you cannot compare with the others. If you are planning to have a vacation with a chance to play this sport, Arizona Golf Properties are expert at finding the right villa, condor or home and a course property that will surely meet your needs. There are no other...

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