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Log & Timber Homes – Natural Elegance in a Custom Home

Custom homes are built in various sizes and shapes. The materials used in them also vary and each custom home has a different appeal. Log and timber custom homes have a unique appeal and they stand out for their rustic appeal. A custom timber home redolent with the smell of timber presents unique styles for designs that are only possible with wood. No matter how modern or smart looking a timber home is – it will always remind of the 1600s through the early 1900 homes – homes that stand in the middle of vast greenery, near a lake, or on the bank of a river. Timber homes have the ability to transport us to a different era. Just imagine a home with log side walls and roof made up of either crafted timber or massive log beams – does it remind you of a rustic life? Custom log homes can be made a mixture of elegance and rusticity if you want. People are moving in to log homes as primary residence or using it as a second / vacation home for their timeless beauty and appeal. Types of Log and Timber Homes Wood species used in the log and timber homes may include: pine, cedar, fir, hemlock, and cypress. Again there are a variety of timber types including: hand-hewn, weathered, rough-sawn, and plane. You also have the choice...

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Better Homes & Gardens Architectural Home Designer

Whether you are considering a quick and gentle garden makeover or a total home design, the Better Homes and Gardens Architectural Designer package from Chief Architect will be of great use to you. The package can be purchased at different levels according to whether you want a more professional or more basic version. At the moment you can chose from suites 6, 7 or 8. Check carefully to ensure that you hardware will support the package that you chose and also make sure that you will be getting all that you need. Likewise, check that the suite that you choose does not have too much that is unnecessary. This can sometimes complicate an otherwise simple task. The Better Homes and Gardens Architectural Designer has been compiled by people who are very experienced in the world of property design and the concept has been taken from professional design software. Because of this you will be getting a product which is specifically for your needs. It is not a game and you will be impressed with the professional results. The software is easily installed and within no time at all you will find that you will be able to draw the basic walls and home design. There are over 30 instructional videos which give step by step instructions to help you and if you want to be completely guided through the...

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How to Start a House Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget

"If you use Emotion and Love to drive your sales and your business, you will create Loyalty Beyond Reason. And I promise you, you will build relationships and enjoy a business that exceeds beyond your wildest expectations" First of all, before you decide to start your cleaning business, make sure this kind of work is right for you. You will need to be in good physical condition. Cleaning is very hard strenuous work. You will need to have good customer relation skills. You will need to have basic office skills and some accounting skills. If you are planning on leaving your full time position to start a cleaning business, make sure you have at least six months of savings. Or keep your full time job and start out part time. Research all the aspects of the cleaning service business. From customer service to advertising, taxes, employees, insurance and bonding, what to charge and how to clean a home professionally. Cleaning your own home and cleaning professionally is totally different. Learning how to clean professionally takes a lot of time. When a client pays for your services they expect to come home and find their home spotless. Getting those first clients takes time, persistence and patience. You will not get a hundred clients overnight. Obtaining Those First Clients The hardest part of starting your own cleaning service is obtaining those...

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Benefits and Joys of House Plants in Your Home Or Office

When you walk into a house that is filled with plants, you immediately feel at home. There is just something about having houseplants around that makes the atmosphere more calm and relaxing. We were not made to live in a cave, we were meant to live amongst nature and other living things. We were meant to cultivate and enjoy the vegetation that is on this earth. This is the reason that so many people love parks, national forests, and buy and build homes with huge windows that look onto the serene scenes of nature. Whenever a real estate agent wants to give advice to people selling their home, besides the obvious clean up of the place, they always tell the sellers to add some houseplants. Whether it's because they are living things, or because it reminds us of the outside, plants brighten up the home. A few plants in each room seem to make a house more livable, more inviting, and feel more like a home is suppose to be. Let us not forget the wonderful health benefits that plants have. Plants spend the day converting the carbon dioxide that we and all of the other pets in the household exhale into breathable air. By doing this, they turn that gas into those beautiful green leaves and exquisite flowers that not only brighten the home, but also give you...

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Lock Future Price With Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own a home is not a new concept. This is a real estate term, in fact, a real estate agreement consisting of a lease as well as a purchase agreement. Under this agreement, the tenant can purchase the property at a fixed price agreed to earlier, at a specific time in the future. Rent to own a home is also known as lease to own or lease to purchase option. The agreement allows the lessee to occupy the property for a monthly payment and purchase the property at a price fixed on a specific date in the future. There are several advantages in a rent to own a home agreement both for the buyer and for the seller. The buyer or the tenant can use upfront option fees and rental credits towards the purchase of their home. They can overcome poor credit situations. The buyers usually have longer lease terms under rent to own a home agreement. They maintain the property through the lease term. The rental rate increase will not affect the buyer, as the rent agreement would have been fixed for the full term of the contract. The seller also has some advantages. He can find tenants in a down market and get a good return on his investment. He can begin to dispose of a property that no longer meets the property ownership requirements....

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