When purchasing furniture, most people will go to their local furniture shop and see what is available. However, this can not only be expensive, but most furniture stores tend to make their products out of particle board which doesn’t last very long and rarely survives being moved once or twice.

The best furniture to buy is southwest furniture. Southwest may not be your style, but companies that offer handcrafted southwest furniture will generally allow you to customize your piece. This furniture comes from Mexico, so the price is generally much lower than anything you will find at competitor’s stores and the quality is outstanding.

Most pieces are made from 100% kiln dried pine, which stains beautifully. Pine is a solid wood that matures much faster than other woods, making it more affordable for manufacturers. If stained correctly, pine can sometimes imitate the look of other woods.

Another popular option is reclaimed wood. Southwest furniture crafted from reclaimed wood can be a collection of type of wood to create a unique look. A typical reclaimed table would consist of an old reclaimed door top on top of a frame built from a collection of old wood. An authentic table such as this would be less than $300 versus a company who imitates a reclaimed look from particle board and charges three times that amount.

Every piece of furniture is hand crafted from artisans that reside in various parts of Mexico. This is why furniture like this is most popular in border towns where people have easy access to the border. Cities that you may find furniture like this will be in parts of New Mexico such as Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Santa Fe and sister city El Paso, Texas. Arizona and California are also close to the Mexico border so you will also find southwest furniture their too, but remember the further you get from the border, the more expensive the furniture can be. El Paso, Texas and Laredo are two prime locations as they are only minutes from the border.

Finally, one last great benefit of buying southwest furniture is keeping artisans in Mexico employed. Many Mexican families depend on the furniture business to make a living so every order helps create a job in cities such as Juarez, Mexico. Exporting furniture can be a dangerous job, so it is best that you don’t visit Mexico directly to buy furniture.

Source by Jami Stewart