Cornwall is a beautiful seaside county in England and is one of the most popular vacation getaways in the world. Out of the many other holiday accommodation options such as hotels and serviced apartments, seaside cottages are the most popular. More and more travelers and tourists today are finding out that the best way to holiday in Cornwall is by booking a seaside cottage.

Why Stay in Cottages?

Tourists, travelling to Cornwall are slowly moving away from staying in hotels and serviced apartments. Why? They’ve all found a better way to have fun and enjoy the Cornish seaside. Seaside cottages bring with them, all the conveniences that a hotel can possibly provide at almost a third of the price of a five star hotel suite. Unlike hotels and apartments, most cottages (if you haven’t booked one away from the beach!) are located on the seaside.


Before we go further you need to know that most of them are on a self-catering basis. These Cornish accommodations are perfect for family holiday getaways and will give you a feeling of being at a home away from home. In general, a typical cottage will come at a fraction of the price of a five star hotel. There is no better way to enjoy staying near the Cornish coastline.

Making Choices

There are a number of cottage accommodation providers in Cornwall who will provide you with beautiful holiday cottages along the Cornish coastline. Such seaside accommodation options are available in Padstow, Newquay, Looe, Fowey, St. Ives and Falmouth. These are a few of the best. There are plenty of others to choose from as well.

Traditional and Modern

Choices are available both. You need to know that the Travel and Tourism sector has put in a lot of efforts towards improving the conditions of such seaside holiday accommodations and are constantly coming up with newer ideas. Most of them are given regular facelifts and new ones with better designs and facilities are added on a regular basis.

Along with cottages, a number of companies have also added houses, villas as well as seaside bungalows to their list of accommodations.


We’ve already compared the prices above. Unlike a hotel room that can accommodate two people at the most, a typical Cornish Cottage will be able to accommodate around 4 to 6 people. If you are planning to take your pets along, make sure that the cottage you are planning to stay at is pet friendly. There are a very few of them that are!

As it is with every tourist destination, make advance bookings if you are planning to visit the county during the festival season, i.e. during Christmas and Thanksgiving. You are sure to get fair prices through advance bookings. Well, we’ve said enough! You need to see it for yourself! There’s no better way to enjoy the sun and sand. So, what are you waiting for! Book one for yourself today! Advance bookings will get you better choices on accommodations as well as great prices!

Source by Jacob Anthony