While pursuing island vacation ideas there has been curiosity on what are the total number of islands of the world? There is no exact answer. They can be claimed by the sea or created through a volcano or earthquakes!

It is possible to see that an island has disappeared or arrived through surprises of nature. And we go through the motions of a search for the best ones to explore, and the range of exotic scenic views available in the world. There are guides leading to travel to the best islands of the world. The island hoppers can range their travel on a basis of various activities, beaches, local culture and sites, fine lodging, specific restaurants and wide scenery.

The beginning of the list consists of the island of Bali situated in Indonesia, Southeast of Asia. The white sand and crystal blue beaches exalt you into a rhythm of experiencing the uniqueness of the culture richness of Indonesia. This heavenly venture will not break your bank balances either clothing and lodging is greatly affordable.

Next on the list is Kauai situated in Hawaii with the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Activities range from jet skiing to scuba diving and snorkeling including surfing. It is meant for the adventurous type and it has a vast amount on offer being Hawaii's older isles. The islands legacy is captured in the luscious tropical settings. Luxury accommodation is on offer for the most exquisite honeymoon experience.

Then there is Maui also found in Hawaii and had been claimed to be, "best island on the pacific". It is extremely popular, and the most commonly discussed destination, there is a stream of tourism, which makes it the best possible venue to meet new network of people. Maui offers golf, shopping, vacation rental homes and sailing the skies. It is common to see and meet international celebrities island hopping as well.

African Islands are strewn across the Indian Ocean and are undoubtedly a discovery of precious gems. They most definitely have potential in tourist destinations. Africa has marvels to offer. A dream destinations, sailing, surfing and more, all these can be found in these islands.

Off the West Africa coast and close to the islands of Morocco and Western Sahara are the Canary Islands; they are a group of seven major islands and one minor.

The other islands to venture into are the Asian or Australian Pacific Islands. There are also great choices in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mediterranean.

Source by Lucinda Pryse