Revision rhinoplasty refers to nasal surgical procedure executed on anyone who has earlier experienced nasal surgical procedure.  Motives for this style of repeat surgical procedure could be several.  Most frequently, it is due to the patient’s drive to have a far better showing up nose or to increase their nasal airway or respiratory.  A single generally waits at least 12-months prior to performing revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. John Vartanian, a leading revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles has workplaces in Glendale and Beverly Hills, CA and has good exposure to individual with nasal issues.  Dr. Vartanian’s exercise is about twenty five per cent composed of revision rhinoplasties, where by he is correcting nasal issues that ended up developed by other surgeons. 

Fast breakdown of his revision rhinoplasty expereince in 2007-2008 is as follows:

  • 73% Female    27% Male
  • 45% cosmetic etiology alone
  • 55% respiratory issues alone
  • 89% Both respiratory and cosmetic problems

On revision surgical procedure, the follwing maneuvres ended up executed:

  • Spreader grat placement:  sixty four%
  • Inferior turbinate reductions: 90%
  • Interval valve J-flap or trim: 50%
  • Septoplasty: 70%
  • Nasal wall oufracture: five%

The most obvious issues noted by Dr. Vartanian in Glendale rhinoplasties include: comprehensive deficiency of awareness to useful part of the nose by the earlier surgeon, ignorance of a deviated septum, excision of much too substantially alar cartilage to obtain short-time period definition (at the expenditure of the nasal airway and extended-time period cosmesis), inadequate bony do the job, alar retraction, hanging columella, and narrowing the nose much too substantially.

Appropriately, Dr. Vartanian has designed and adopted a variety of techniques and grafting approaches to reverse frequently observed issues in several Glendale Rhinoplasties.  These revision instances can be finished using the open technique or shut.  He takes advantage of the shut technique in 70% of the instances.

Often, if the septum has been earlier excised, Dr. Vartanian can use ear cartilage or rib cartilage to successfully reconstruct the nose.

In addition, several times he may well use momentary inside silastic (plastic) splints to manage airway patency in the course of the crucial intial four-week therapeutic time period.

In summary, Dr. Vartanian makes an attempt to provide the ideal rhinoplasty success by utilizing a variety of well-established techiques made to address both form and perform.

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Source by John Vartanian, M.D.