The tendency of Western culture is to represent dragons as fierce demons out to destroy everything in their path, but in the Orient, a feng shui dragon is considered an extremely powerful protector, it represents success, wealth, prosperity, power, good luck in love , and spiritual growth. The dragon is a very important symbol in feng shui because it is believed to create precious celestial Chi and bring good fortune into our homes and workplaces. We should use the figure of the dragon to encourage balance in our lives and the space that surrounds us.

How can we use dragons in feng shui?

Dragons are considered the most powerful gift you can give to a loved one, since they are symbols of power and love and exude positive energy and power.

A dragon figurine or a dragon statue is a powerful enhancer for luck in business.

They bring wisdom to the elderly.

They bring honor to the family, and they save children from harm.

Dragons are a very powerful 'Yang' symbol which can manifest itself as fearlessness and courage.

Dragons guard your home, they bring strength and fortune, and surround you with protective energy.

Place a dragon figurine in the Career Area, or the East of your home's Bagua, to attract success and wealth. Although dragons provide very auspicious energy wherever you place them because they can embody any element, particularly water or fire, they are the most powerful when placed on the East.

Choose the color or the material that will match your objectives and the area of ​​the Bagua you really want to enhance. The best colors for dragons are turquoise (the color of water), red (the color of fire), and gold.

Place a feng shui dragon in your love and relationships area to bring you good luck and attract love. Combine the image of a dragon and a phoenix to enhance the love energy even more.

Dragons also symbolize wisdom. A 2000 years old legend says that "the souls of people make a journey into the higher realms on the back of a dragon". They are also considered mediators that transmit human desires to the Universe to make them come to life, enhancing the Law of Attraction.

Always treat the dragon's image with utmost respect. Do not display images of crippled or dying dragons, and be careful not to place them in zones with low energy levels like closets, bathrooms, storage areas or the garage.

Dragons have a very strong Yang energy and they will activate the Chi of the room they are placed in, so you will be better off placing them in your living room or dining room, and not in your bedroom, since that very same Yang energy will not allow you to rest peacefully.

Don't use a carpet with the image of a dragon, since dragons are supposed to fly free in order to protect us.

The dragon figure will improve your life. Enjoy all the benefits this powerful animal can provide you.

Source by Rebeca Rambal