If you are wondering how to make your office more conducive so that you have a way of relaxing while you work, you should consider applying Feng Shui to your office. Having a Feng Shui office allows you to focus better and even find the balance and harmony in your life. In fact, this ancient art has been known to be very helpful in generating more income and profits for people involved in business.

Feng Shui is studied by many people nowadays. The primary rule of Feng Shui says that there is energy in everything in and around us and if we are able to harness this positive energy well, we will be able to bring about balance and harmony into the rooms we spend most of our time in.

Feng Shui is based on the five elements. They are fire, water, metal, wood and earth. Basically, to Feng Shui your office, you need to divide your office premises based on an arrangement called the Bagua.

The Bagua refers to an octagonal grid which is divided in nine sections. These nine sections of the grid include blessings area, illumination area, relationship area, elder's area, unity area, creativity area, contemplation area, journey area and the friend's area. All these represent your reputation, financial situation, relationships in all areas, your mentors, your sources of inspiration and your path through life.

To use the Bagua, you need to place the Bagua grid on the floor of the office. Next, you need to shift all the Feng Shui elements that are to be placed in your office to the appropriate positions so as to enhance these areas in your life. In laying out your office, examine the Bagua and pay attention to all the areas. This is because there should be a balance between all the areas in your life. This will keep the energy flowing into your work place and bring about almost all the things that you wish for.

Before setting up an office, you should do some research and choose an office area in a good and prosperous surrounding. Make sure the entrance looks approachable. According to Feng Shui, while sitting at your desk, you should be facing the doorway directly. Place mirrors if there are partitions in the room.

You can complement your wealth area with Feng Shui items such as placing pictures of a waterfall or putting up an aquarium or fountain. Have some green plants in the corners as suggested by the Bagua as that can help to circulate the positive energy in your room. For good fortune, put up a rooster or a phoenix or a peacock. You can place red eggs or a red ribbon tied to the three Chinese coins, a wheel or bell which spells power. Basically, you want to add some symbols of fame to your south wall and photos of water in the your area of ​​wealth.

If you keep your office area uncluttered and clean, it will help you think more clearly and keep your mind clear too. This will increase your productivity and help you to grow faster and allow you to earn more profits and money.

Feng Shui will help you in growing to greater heights and will bring balance and harmony in your life. So the next time you want to increase productivity, try to achieve a Feng Shui office.

Source by Lynn Q. Lee