Phoenix tattoo designs are highlyought after because the phoenix has a magnificent look and is also highly symbolic. In this article, I'll tell you more about the meaning behind this tattoo and also tell you about 5 different phoenix tattoo designs you should consider before getting your tattoo.

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

The phoenix has great mythological status in many cultures around the world including Japan, China and the ancient empires of Greece and Rome. Often depicted as rising from flames, it is a powerful symbol of rebirth.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

The tribal phoenix tattoo comes in many forms and there are many to choose from. Most feature the bird with wings spread, a small head and a long tail. This accentuates the lines in this style of tattoo. A symmetrical version is often seen on the back or on the lower back.

A tribal phoenix tattoo is very intricate and to the casual observer it might not be obvious that the depiction is of a phoenix. This is something to bear in mind when considering this tattoo.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs

The phoenix does feature in Japanese culture but not as much as it does in others. It is considered a bird of immortality. Many people choose to get this tattoo done in the Japanese style of tattooing with rich colors and high levels of detail with minimal skin showing.

The striking unique aspect of tattoos of phoenixes in the Japanese style is the color. Most feature a great color range, not dissimilar to rainbow. Fiery reds and oranges are used often.

There is no standard Japanese design for this tattoo so expect your artist to have his or her own particular style of drawing one.

Small Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Small tattoos are almost always of the tribal style. This is also handy because they usually look quite slight. Some good areas to put one of these tattoos are on the foot, the hip, the lower back and behind the ear.

Tattoos Of The Phoenix For Men Or For Women ?

Phoenixes can be worn by men or women. They are not generally considered to be either male or female. The major difference is in the location.

Men tend to wear this kind of ink on the upper arm and chest. Women prefer the side of the torso, the back or the hip. There is no "cute" version of this tattoo but it generally does not matter – this tattoo looks equally good on both sexes.

Source by Scott Harris