In this article, you will get an informative glimpse into Rewards Plus … an upstart network marketing company that has an intriguing business model that some would consider a refreshingly different approach in today's ultra-competitive direct sales marketplace.

Company Background –

Rewards Plus is based in Glendale, Arizona and was founded in August 2009 by JR Caldwell, a savvy businessman who once led an army of over 110,000 distributors in another popular network marketing company. Leveraging his clout, industry reputation and close professional connections attained over the span of 30+ year career in marketing and sales, Mr. Caldwell was able to assemble a qualified team of industry professionals to help him fulfill a lifelong dream of being an owner of a network marketing company.

The company retained attorney Spencer Reese of Grimes and Reese PLLC – arguably considered as America's premier law firm servicing the direct sales industry to handle the necessary legal filings for Rewards Plus across the United States. Rewards Plus later formed a strategic alliance with Odenza, a leading consumer incentives company from Canada to serve in the capacity of being the designated "redemption center" that processes customer claims, as will be further explained below.

Product Offerings –

The flagship products offered by Rewards Plus includes $ 500 per year in customer incentive rebates consisting of a $ 250 gasoline certificate, and a $ 250 grocery certificate. These certificates (and the associated redemption codes) are good for 12 months, and are key components of an overall product package that can be purchased for $ 149.99 (one-time fee). For those interested in becoming a distributor and not just a customer … would require a $ 29.99 (one-time fee) payment.

In a nutshell … the basic requirements that customers must follow to claim their rewards, is to agree to shop at their personal favorite supermarket and gasoline station store brands for 12 months, while spending a modest $ 100 per month buying human consumable food / beverages (pet food is acceptable too) and $ 100 per month on household gasoline purchases. All retailers nationwide participate in this rebate program.

Once they fulfill these program requirements – customers then must mail in their related receipt (s) on a monthly basis to Odenza, who will then issue cash rebates back to the customer at the rate of $ 40 per month. Said rebates are payable by a VISA giftcard (s) and / or uploaded onto an existing VISA debit card account belonging to the customer.

Though these popular rebate certificates are the foundation of this business model, customers can also take advantage of an online product catalog that provides deeply discounted savings on over 120,000 name brand items ranging from electronics, furniture, toys, clothes and many other things.

Compensation Plan –

To make it easier for everyone to understand, the company opted to utilize what is termed as a "uni-level" pay plan. The uni-level is straightforward, and is fundamentally different from other popular pay plans such as a matrix or binary.

Unlike most other companies in the industry, Rewards Plus primarily focused on providing a pay plan that features steady monthly residual income over a pay plan that provides quick cash with no back-end payment opportunities.

Rewards Plus residual pay plan works out as follows for each product package sold:

  • Level 1 – $ 15 per month
  • Levels 2 through 7 – $ 10 per month

Summary –

This is an exclusive program … Rewards Plus is the only company within the direct marketing industry that can legally offer these certificates to end users. So in essence, it's a program that can put money in your pocket every month for doing routine tasks such as buying food and gasoline.

How cool is that?

I'm not sure whether or not Rewards Plus could be a good fit for you as a home business solution? You're the only person who would know the answer to this, but be sure to perform due diligence before joining any home business program.

Source by Marv Dean