The fact is this, over two-hundred women real estate agents have been killed in the past decade, and nobody knows, not even the local police, how many were raped, beaten or robbed that went unreported. Scary, huh! In today’s society, what with all the unemployment and people having trouble making ends meet, real estate agents holding an open house, especially if the property is three miles outside the city limits, could present a dangerous situation.

Let’s float some helpful tips to remember that may keep you alive to work another day.

#1 – That cell phone is your life preserver. Pre-program it to 911.

#2 – Eschew that nice watch, jeweled necklace and fancy ring. To a thief that presents the keys to the kingdom.

#3 – If possible, always meet a client in your office. If a man calls who says he saw your sign on property with a lock box and would like to meet you there, take a big, strong male agent with you.

#4- Don’t expose personal info on your Web site or any other site.

#5 – Carry some high performance pepper spray in your purse….better yet, in your jacket pocket.

#6 – Forget the fancy business card picture that makes you look like a movie star. Same goes for your Web site and outdoor signs that show a closeup shot of that $1,000 jade pin on your dress. Small towns are not as dangerous as a big city. Use common sense and protection. It’s happened before. Are you on the hit list?

Source by Laura Gaines