“How I wrote My Ebook in 4 Days….And How You Can Far too”

An Un-solicited Testimonial and Genuine Story

….By Ryan B. Hightower

twelve/fourteen/09 5:07 am-6:38am one hour and 31 minutes….3903 phrases (2602words/for every hour)

Have you at any time had one of individuals nights when God woke you up with anything to inform you? You know…where you go to bed soon after a long day or long week…just as weary as can be….absolutely absolutely sure that you require your entire eight….and then two or three several hours in….you wake up…totally alert…totally wide eyed….and are unable to get back again to slumber for the relaxation of the night? Very last night….was one of individuals nights for ME.

What I’m about to share with you….might “rock your environment”. It did mine. It might alter your lifestyle forever….it unquestionably did mine. I hope it improvements yours way too.

My identify is Ryan Hightower. I’m 34 yrs previous and I stay in Phoenix, Arizona. I have 4 attractive daughters. Im just a standard guy…with a large amount of fantastic thoughts. I have no higher education degree…no formal composing working experience to communicate of. I have been mostly self employed considering the fact that the age of fourteen (the very last 20 yrs)…mainly for the reason that I wasn’t willing to settle for the wages and satisfaction that a standard position pays….and for the reason that I had minimal interest in providing out of my personal goals at the cost of encouraging a person else attain theirs (the bosses). I figured, and nonetheless think to this day, that earn/earn prospects existed all all-around us….that there was normally a way for ME to get All the things that I required in my life….though encouraging anyone all-around me get what they required in theirs…..and I was right.

I could almost certainly inform you a large amount of intriguing items about me…about my lifestyle. Locations I have traveled too….special experiences and folks that I have met above the years…. Distinct firms I have started off, developed, operate, offered ect ect. Distinct goals and objectives I have had….the list goes on. But for the sake of this quick article….let me decide on up about 3 yrs back. I was 31 yrs old….in a minimal above a year…I had obtained (all legitimately and legally) about 70 properties….and a web worth of about 3 and a half million bucks. I was a millionaire….I could rarely think it…but it was genuine. Then soon after 2005…our serious estate industry SCREETCHED to a halt….the industry just stopped…..I rushed to offer all of my qualities for about what was owed on them….receiving out of most of them in time…but fourteen households likely all the way to foreclosure. I had the fricken’ wind knocked out of me…..at the very least financially. I had normally made genuinely fantastic money…but never like that. I took this one tough. As significantly as I required to think that cash just wasn’t that big of a deal….it had afforded me a large amount of awesome things…things that I no more time required to stay without…million greenback homes….oceanfront property….non-public jet trips….journey ALL Above the place…often….normally 20-30 months for every year…new corvettes every year…new bikes and other toys on a whim….steak dinners every night…or at the very least when I required them. And most importantly…it had supplied me the potential to give and give HUGE…..items like donating 100 new bicycles when the church would do a bike drive….providing absent autos to folks in require (awesome types way too) on a half a dozen occasions….sending folks on vacations that essential it….tithing thousands of bucks every week….sending close friends to the airport in limousines that had simply just asked me for a experience to the airport….and the list goes on and on. My heart Nevertheless longs to do these type and useful items again….to serve and like my fellow neighbors.

So when I missing it all….it hit me hard…real tough. I began spiraling into a deep depression….anything I had never struggled with right before in my life….I had normally taken care of a optimistic outlook about most items. At this time…just a number of quick yrs back…I could rarely get out of bed for times on close. At one place I can recall my daughters (3, 9, 10 yrs previous now) asking me to prepare dinner anything for diner….and just staring into the kitchen cabinets…I could not for the lifestyle of me determine out how to truly prepare dinner meal. The girls known as their mom….she arrived over…fed the kids…and then took me to the medical center. They locked me up for about 2 months. I couldn’t leave…total lockdown though they experimented with to determine out what was incorrect with me. Bipolar disorder….deep depression….blah blah blah…. Hospitals….a long string of distinct meds…none that appeared to work…some that made items even worse then they have been on my personal. Counseling….therapists….

I resolved that I did not require the meds…that I was much better off with no them and figuring out items on my personal. What I essential was a Goal again. Good friends and family assured me (mostly above the jail sort monitored cell phone phone calls) that the medical center couldn’t hold me forever….that a usual continue to be was about 2 to 4 weeks…. I plotted with other folks there for means to escape…there have been guards to contend with… locks…barbed wire….it was basically like an insane asylum or like you may consider one to be….some of my fellow depresse-ees have been confined to straight jackets….ugggghhh…fortunately I did not have to go thru that humiliation. I behaved the very best I could and talked my very best traces to the physicians and counselors every day…until ultimately one day…they stated I could go house the subsequent day.

I went home…tried all their distinct meds for a number of months…then resolved I could do much better on my personal. That primarily I just essential a intent again. All I understood (at the very least this is what I imagined at the time)…all I understood was serious estate…and artistic finance. How to get serious estate with no cash down…with lousy or no credit…how to raise capital…how to get foreclosures ect ect. And now…nobody was getting Everything. Our financial state was beginnnning to crumble.

About this time….I was turned on to Craiglsist. A serious estate buddy of mine…was unloading his remaining qualities quicker than I had been in a position to…I had applied it to do the exact same prior to my hospitalization….now I was applying it purely for day to day survival…..I was locating items that folks had positioned by the apartment dumpsters …vacuums….acquariums….boxsprings and mattress sets…dressers…ect ect to offer for day by day dollars to get groceries and gas….I was applying Craigslist to get guidance and attorneys to delay an inevitable eviction at my apartment….stalling them with the authorized approach for above 8 months (anything I’m not pround of to this day…never again). Craigslist had become a survival resource. I was assembly a lot of new people…friends….sometimes much more.

I moved a number of much more moments above he subsequent calendar year or so. In December 2008 I moved into a household that I had acquired new from the builder in 2005. It was by now guiding in payments when I moved in…but I essential someplace to live….I ongoing to use CL daily…….but had managed to harness its electricity to begin touring all over….assembly some genuinely fantastic people….increasing day by day dollars to stay on….but the household was so considerably behind…losing it too….had become inevitable….about $two hundred,000 much more was owed on it then it was even worth. I am ashamed to admit that I was obtaining to count on food stamps.
I had completed some genuinely amazing items with CL and had begun to transform items around….but it was way too late to preserve the household. Individuals have been normally impressed with my CL stories. Always seemingly pulling off the not possible. At the very least 100 folks have explained to me…”compose the e-book”. I experimented with for above a calendar year to do it on my personal. For no matter what cause, I couldn’t do it.

Then my brother, Neal Hightower, ( www.sixsimpletruths.com ) turned me on to Tom. Tom had just spoken at Emory University in Atlanta around exactly where Neal lives. He spoke one night on how to compose your e-book. And on the adhering to night on how to become published. He stated that Tom was by far…the very best instructor to instruct on any issue that Neal had at any time heard…a genuine genius…a male that certainly understood his shit….an professional. He inspired me that if at all attainable to test out these two higher education classes. He stated that Tom even lived in my house condition of Arizona.

Neal forwarded to me a hyperlink in an email…Tom was likely to be talking at Paradise Valley Community College…just a mile type my home….and for only $19 bucks for every night. I had a $forty visa gift card that I had received for my birthday….and imagined and prayed about irrespective of whether the right matter to do was fill up my gasoline tank for one more two weeks….or use the visa gift card to sign up and shell out for each of the classes. God said…”the classes, Ry.” The gasoline will clearly show up…somehow. I went….and Neal was right…it was the very best I had at any time listened to way too. So happy I went.

Neal stayed in contact with me above the subsequent number of weeks….and stated if there is certainly any way…for me to get to the Sedona retreat…to do it. It was like four grand. I was in NO posture to do it. Still…I established my intention. I was gonna be there occur hell or high drinking water. Just after the 2nd night of class (the classes have been a number of months apart), I sent Tom and e-mail thanking him for the amazing info…feeling that now I could truly do it…write my e-book. Individuals in this class have been certainly in the existence of greatness…but centered on the dumb questions they have been asking Tom…I do not feel they even understood what they had in front of them. It did not matter…he was there for ME individuals two nights….they relaxation of them can have no matter what working experience that they want with it.

Tom emailed me back…thanking me…and inquiring about why wasn’t I signed up for his retreat (October 2009)? I stated simply just an situation of money…but that I so incredibly required to be there. He emailed back again with an appointment time for us to discuss the make a difference. I sweated and stressed for a week right before that scheduled appointment…calling all of my closest close friends and supporters asking them all…what the hell could I provide this male so that he would let me in. I was Desperate. I had a car and a truck…BOTH had damaged down and damaged down lousy in the earlier two weeks….I was dropping my household (and did lose it just very last week…December 3, 2009) and each autos have been out of commission..I was on foot wherever I was likely (yup just like Forest Gump, ‘cept he had Bubba and Lieutenant Dan…I was on my personal). No worries…transportation-wise…Sedona was only about 100 miles…I could get a ride…or hitch it or whatever…just not that far…I Required to get to this compose your e-book retreat. Tom called…and interviewed me…and we each concluded that this e-book of mine…it was bursting…the e-book labor pains had long considering the fact that begun…and I was keeping this e-book in for way too long already….it essential to occur out quickly or there have been gonna be some critical effects. That interview lasted probly an hour. He was asking all the right questions…and evidently I was responding with all the right responses. Because…he answered a prayer of mine. I are unable to inform you the details….but what I can inform you…is that he extended to me fantastic mercy and kindness….and worked out an arrangement that worked for each of us…in buy for me to get in. I was in!!! He made me promise that I would continue to be in Sedona not commute to the retreat.

Sedona rooms are $two hundred-300 a nite and up. Even tenting websites have been $20 a nite…times 8 nites…$160bucks…I did not have it. But I would determine it out. Rapid-forward three months. Display time. No place. No reservations. No cash. I hopped in my truck. I applied my foodstamps to get a number of bags (a week worth) of non perishable groceries….treats mostly. I threw my sleeping bag in the truck. I stuffed the gasoline tank…and I headed north. I was supplied the option of a lifetime…at the absolute great time…I wasn’t lacking this for the environment. My truck broke down on the way to the retreat….it each overheated…and I absolutely shredded a tire…almost dropping handle of the truck on the road. I was shaken…but was fine. I had allowed lots of time…had in actuality left 4 several hours right before the commence time…and Sedona was only about an hour and a half away…..but arrived fifteen minutes late.

I was Genuinely below!!! I did not care about the stupid truck or exactly where to slumber (I WAS fearful about receiving a pair of showers in…and not currently being the pungent male in class LOL) or what to consume . Tom assured me…just clearly show up….and this baby…this e-book of mine….was gonna occur out. And it did!

The retreat lasted 8 times. It was Awesome. I met forty of the most loving caring supportive energetic folks I have at any time known. The group energy was phenonominal. We all had a typical goal….to get our e-book created.

Individuals have asked me how is it even attainable to compose an full e-book in a week or less…much fewer a fantastic one. Rest assured I had the exact same uncertainties. I wrote at a pace of about 2000 phrases for every hour, by hand, on these substantial artists pads that they give you at the retreat. The times have been 8 to 10 several hours long each…but amongst gathering my thoughts and not composing the full time…spending significantly time on the rooftop patio…just praying…thinking….I managed about 10,000 phrases for every day. Four and a half times in to the eight day retreat…I was performed! 45,000 words….just quick of the usual 50,000 phrases that you may uncover in a usual non fiction book…..all created by hand…..all from my heart and passion….specifically thru the pen to the paper. (some of my close friends did bring and use laptops at the retreat…for me the handwritten was a much better way to go…no distractions checking email…spell checking ect ect…just Compose Compose Compose!). I hadn’t examine any of it nonetheless …we were not allowed to.

When I examine it…I was FLOORED. It was GOOD…REALLY, Genuinely Fantastic! Tom helped me question 990 literary agents at the retreat through e-mail. 117 showed optimistic interest in what I had created. Converse about Immediate success. Tom instructed us that if any of us received a cell phone call….that it was a HUGE…monumental sign…pretty significantly a immediate indication from God….and that if such happened…to close the call quickly…get a identify and number…and occur uncover him Instantly. He stated in a group this dimension (about forty)…that one of us may get a call. I bought Six!!! (3 at the retreat, and 3 considering the fact that obtaining left the retreat). I had poured my heart and soul and my enthusiasm for Craigslist and my enthusiasm to certainly assist and serve other people…onto paper…and it had compensated off BIG…or was about to.

By the way, Tom insisted that to start with night at the retreat…that I crash on his couch not in the bed of my pickup truck….I even bought a incredibly hot shower every day that I was there (LOL). The truck overheated again on the way home…this time…I couldn’t pull above quickly enough…and blew the motor in the truck….I made it pretty much all the way home…..I walked about 6 or 7 miles that night to basic safety. Its kinda funny…I was so applied to not obtaining a greenback to spare for that full week…that I bought all the way house (strolling about 2 several hours)…when I realized emptying my pockets…that a fantastic good friend of mine at the retreat had handed me a number of hundred bucks to place in direction of the e-book. I am pretty absolutely sure he would have been ok with me having 20 bucks and calling a taxi out of that cash. Oh well…me and God had a awesome two hour talk about a large amount of items that night…at to start with just about how pissed off I was at Him concerning this cursed truck…but quickly turning it to all that I had to be grateful for and to glance forward to. My lifestyle had improved forever!

So…that was October 17 thru the 25th , 2009.…just 7 months ago….today is December 13, 2009. The place am I at now? Im happy you asked. I am happy to share with you…that items are brighter and much better than they have Ever been.

With the assist of Tom and a number of in our group, as perfectly as a number of other people….my e-book proposal (basically a organization prepare for your e-book) will be in the fingers of about eighty of the 117 agents that are asking for it, by the close of this week. About a half dozen are HOUNDING me for much more information on it. I have removed about forty agents as not right for me or not right for this undertaking. I have had two contracts by now that are also…not for me, and that I have had to respectfully and graciously transform down. I have a current selection one decide on agent that I Genuinely like a large amount. She is a 30 calendar year literary agent…and offered eighteen books very last calendar year alone…several of them for multi-million greenback bargains. She has known as me three moments expressing interest, and asking me if I essential any assist in making ready the proposal for her. She has by now stated that she would provide me a contract. 1 of these other eighty would have to genuinely dazzle me to hold me from signing with this agent. But this agent variety approach is oh so important….it can be the variance amongst your e-book getting wildly thriving and only moderately successful…also the variance can be lots of thousands of bucks in your pocket. The right agent…with the right book…can get a bidding war likely with the publishers with your book…THAT’S…what you want…..push that price thru the roof! The agent soon after all…stands to get much more by receiving you much more way too. So I am watchful with the agent variety approach but incredibly anxious to indication and let them do their job…namely….offer my e-book.

I anticipate currently being signed with an agent no afterwards than the close of subsequent week (this could get more time as some of these agents require some serious time to evaluation what you have sent them). I have performed significantly study on these agents and on recent e-book profits and what charges are currently being compensated ect. …and am assured if I dot all my “I”‘s and cross all my “T”‘s….that I can get A MILLION Bucks OR A lot more for this e-book!

I have a relationship …that I am seeking to cut a offer with …that will crank out 10,000,000 (ten million!) e-mails Per Week..to specific, known, Craigslist users…to offer the E-book variation of my e-book right up until a publisher pays me adequate to end (or if I can keep the right to continue on providing the E-book version…that would be even much better). I am hoping for one/10 of one% profits on 10million e-mails sent…or 10,000 eBooks sold…per week….moments 10 bucks each…$100,000 for every week in E-book sales…70% to the e-mail guy…30% for myself…or $30,000 for every week to me right up until the e-book is acquired by a publisher. My plan…is to get this printed out, confirmed keep track of file and hurry it to my new agent…further verifying the confirmed profitability and need for my book…as perfectly as quickly collect 100-two hundred testimonies from the to start with profits of my E-book and print individuals out too…giving each of individuals important applications as ammunition for my agent to go get the Significant Money for my e-book that it justifies. A lot more importantly than all of this…my e-book Can help folks big time…it will alter THEIR lives…show them how to do the job from house, commence organization, satisfy their soul mate, journey the place or the environment, ect ect. You would have to truly examine my e-book (how to get All the things you want in lifestyle with Craigslist) to comprehend the magnitude of the items that are genuinely attainable with Craigslist.

I have 4 or 5 folks operating tough to edit my book…so that it is even much more polished and refined by the time my agent or any of the publishers see it. I have made distinct bargains with these folks…most just want a number of copies of the e-book on its completion…and to be in a position to insert it to their portfolio.
A number of I am encouraging industry their books and or their firms through Craigslist in trade for their assist enhancing. Come across a require ..and fill it.

I am in near e-mail get in touch with with our retreat group at the very least weekly sometimes day by day. I communicate to some of them on the cell phone weekly….and a pair of them pretty much day by day. They are there for anything I require. And I hope they know that I am there for them for anything that they require way too. The assistance is awesome. Tom carries on to be a strong supportive part too…even though the retreat has ended.

The house…well…its gone….it went back again to the bank December 3.…last week…and I am approved for an apartment…hustling to get the $500 alongside one another in deposits to get out of there right before the sheriff will come a’knockin. I anticipate my e-book currently being offered in January or February 2010 and spending Money for a modest house in the subsequent 3 to 6 months and never currently being in this fiscal jam again. The car?…the car is repaired for now….and I anticipate spending Money for a modest new car in the subsequent 3 to 6 months as well….and that will be the close of car difficulty for a number of yrs at the very least.

And the retreats?….well…I wouldn’t miss the subsequent one for the environment!

I wrote the above in a minimal above an hour. To this day, Tom has never asked me to compose a testimonial (other than a quick video clip interview that we all did at the retreat just asking about our working experience though there). I wrote this on my personal, unsolicited. Why, you might ask? I wrote this for the reason that I was compelled to share my story (as uncomfortable as some of it is)….possibly it will make a variance. I wrote it to give to Tom…for him to give it to any individual that is even imagining about composing a e-book or attending one of his retreats. Or possibly they are on the fence. I wrote it for me to do the exact same. You see…I am a gentleman on a mission now….my mission…is to distribute the word. If they have bought a e-book in them (and allows be honest…don’t we all have at the very least one?)….then my job…my position is to get them in contact with Tom. What they discuss and decide is very best for every other from that point…is up to each of them.

Tom has published 19 of his personal books…and helped students publish above 2,000 books above the very last 30 yrs. He is THE Person on receiving your e-book out of your head…and receiving it printed and published…if which is what you want to do.

Have you bought a e-book in you? Whats the subsequent stage? If Tom gave this to you…then get back again in contact with him soon after examining this, and see if one of his retreats is right for you. If you have questions for me right before or soon after you talk to him (or anytime for that make a difference)…by all means…contact me. You can achieve me anytime at ryan.hightower@yahoo.com ….e-mail is least difficult for now…as I am nonetheless on a day to day battle to hold a mobile cell phone on. But if you e-mail me and give me a number…I can call you and we can talk through the cell phone way too if that is much better or simpler for you. If you bought this report from me….then again…ask any questions of me if you have them…or you might get in touch with me and I can give you Tom’s get in touch with information so that you two can communicate to every other and see if you are each a in shape for what he has to provide. I can inform you this…he would not just get any individual into his retreats…His offer with God…is that he will only do the job with individuals that are Completely ready.

Thanks for reading….and fantastic luck in all of your endeavors! -Ryan.

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